Home Sweet Home

For those of you who don’t know, this last year I bought my very first place and besides needing something to fill the empty space between my TV and my ceiling, this new sign now acts as a constant reminder of all that I had accomplished to get here into this sweet little home of mine that I love so much!


The past year has kind of been a whirlwind (and to be honest, so has the couple years leading up to it). Without getting into too much detail, I’d call these last couple of years my “rebuilding” years – basically starting all over and just really figuring out a new life on my own.

In 2016, I was newly divorced and moved out of our apartment in Irvine (don’t worry – we are good and still friends!) I moved back in with my dad while I figured out what was next and within a month of unloading the moving truck, my dad and I were calling another moving company and moved into another place (I am so happy it took me awhile to unpack!). Fast forward to the beginning of 2017, while my dad was out of town and I was at work, our apartment had a pipe that burst in the ceiling that flooded our entire apartment that ended up putting me up in hotel for about a week while they dried out the place and we could sort through what was salvageable (another story for another day). After a couple months of getting the apartment back together, my dad tells us kids that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend (who lives in Seattle) and our lease is up in July. As happy as I was for him – it totally sent me into panic mode! Was he moving? Was she moving here? If they live here, can I move in? Do I find another apartment? (for those of you who rent – rent by yourself is not cheap!), Do I find a roommate? Who would be my roommate? Craigslist roommate – maybe not! too sketch! So many questions and NO time!

I stopped by my mom’s house one day and started venting about all the questions and decisions I had to make about what to do next, where to go, etc. and venting how expensive it is to live down here in Southern California – especially all on your own! I went off about how I wish I could win the lotto and buy my own little place. She went off about how I don’t need as much as I thought and I should talk to her lender who helped her with her house and see what I needed to do. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t buying any of it and just thought it was one of those "mom schpeels" (sorry mom). Anyways, I decided to meet with him and really just see what I needed and then at least have goal of what I needed to save (even if it was super depressing to know how far away I was from that). Long story short, he started showing me numbers and the more he showed me, the more realistic it was becoming that this was maybe something I really didn’t have to wait that long for. Next thing I know, I put all the money I had together and started looking into places. To be honest, not much out here in Orange County fit into what I could afford on my own and was starting to lose hope, but one day this place popped up that was right at my budget and that day my realtor talked me into putting in my very first offer – EVER on a home and got it! (So mom – if you’re reading this… thanks for the push even if I was rolling my eyes at you the whole time! haha, Ryan Pennett & Brad Turpin – THANK YOU for all your hard work, and those - you know who you are - that encouraged and were there every step of the way - you are so beyond appreciated <3)

With a month and half before our lease was up, I got the keys, did a full renovation, and moved in! (I’ll post about all of that another day! :)) But seriously – what a year and a half it had been! I’m known to be pretty hard on myself but to look back and know what I went through and the year it had been to get to where I am now, I am pretty dang proud of myself and I love that this sign is a constant reminder to give myself a little pat on the back once in awhile and, really, just know that even through the craziest and sometimes challenging times in life, some things just have a crazy way of working themselves out for the best and better than I could have imagined.