My First Bridal Show

(story continued….)


You guys - I was freaking out! I didn’t have a name, a business plan, a website, marketing materials, product… literally nothing and I was suppose to show up and sit next to these vendors who were already well established. Why the heck did I agree to this?! Why did I think I could do this?!

I tried to compartmentalize what I needed and what I needed to do first…

  1. Figure out a name

  2. Website

  3. Product

  4. Marketing Materials

  5. Show up and look alive

It doesn’t sound like a lot but - IT WAS A LOT, especially to accomplish all in 6 days and show up professionally.

Side Note: Shout out to my little sister and Gary for letting me call, text, and just rant multiple times a day to bounce ideas off while I tried to pull this all together!


I threw out so many names and honestly, so many just didn’t sound right. I wanted simplicity but something that also described everything I was doing and could potentially do in the future. This was by far one of the hardest things - It’s such a big commitment and I wanted it to sound right… Even now I still question it because it was done on the fly, but the more it sits, the more I like :)



I had dabbled in websites prior to this with my job at Bella Collina but it was the extent of Wordpress and creating the face of it. I had never coded, entered links, pages, colors, etc. I signed up with Squarespace and had to learn quickly how it worked and then create the pages I needed and create the content to fill those pages. Creating my website made me put together my business plan together really quick - learn what I was selling, how I was selling, pricing, etc. My website has definitely evolved since that week and loving that as I keep going and learning I am sure it will continue to keep evolving into a more useful and attractive site (fingers crossed).



Everything I had done to this point was custom. I had bought and made things as I went but now I had to show off “what I had” to potential clients. What would they want to see, what size would they like, what colors would they like, how many options would they want to convince them to move forward? The questions were endless but I knew I had to buckle down and just start creating items and go from there. So from work I went straight to Home Depot and started painting and creating different sizes with the goal to make 4-5 standard sizes. Until the sun went down, I was on my patio cutting wood, staining and painting, and building frames. And then once the sun went down - it was back to the website creation. #TeamNoSleep



I’ve been to Bridal Shows, our venue even hosts them and I know every vendor is there passing out business cards and marketing material in order to capture attendees attention and to help keep them in mind. I didn’t have any of that. Next up was creating a business card with a 1 day turn around time from Staples and printing out some coupons from our printer. It was a little ghetto but it did the job. Tip: Upgrade your business cards - the cheap ones that Staples markets are pretty flimsy - I guess you get what you pay for. But at that moment, I didn’t have time to get anything different. I was running out of time and at least I had something! Phew - Check!




The day was finally here and there is no denying …. I WAS EXHAUSTED! Besides getting no sleep the entire week leading up to this, we actually had a wedding the night prior getting things accomplished that Saturday was out of the question! When Sunday finally came around, I just needed to go with what I had and be proud of what I had done in such a short time frame. And honestly, looking back - I’m damn proud of everything I accomplished. Thankfully my sister came to support and be my right hand gal to help talk up my signs - she’s more of the talker than I am so it was good to have her there to help break the ice. (Thanks sis!)


The show had ended and loaded up my car and I remember sitting in my car thinking that was such a whirl wind, but I did it! I just pulled all of this off in a week! I got out of my comfort zone and put a hobby of mine on blast for all to see - which is so not like me! And in all honesty, without this bridal show pushing me to get everything off the ground, I’m not entirely sure if i’d be where I am today and as “out there” as I am with this. So 6 days of no sleep = completely worth it now being able to share all of this with you! (plus I even had Angels tickets waiting for me right after the show to go relax and watch some baseball after a long week - Thanks G)

Long story short, I’m happy you’re here and I’m happy I’m here thanks to this Bridal Show kickin my butt and pushing me to get started :)